Energy Deployment Programs

Commercial solar energy

Distributed Energy Solutions

We know that a single energy solution does not fit every property. That is why we create energy plans that match each property with one or multiple solutions that generate the most value for the owner.


Rooftop Solar

Rooftop solar will help property owners reduce energy costs, unlock new revenue streams from currently unused property areas, enhance building aesthetics, immediately increase property value, and help owners achieve their ESG goals.

Battery Storage
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Canopies & Carports

Radial Power will develop, install and finance solar canopies, which help property owners reduce energy costs, unlock new revenue streams from currently unused property areas, improve tenant amenities, immediately increase building value, and help owners achieve their ESG goals. We rigorously evaluate each property and parking lot to determine its solar viability, considering, but not limited to, structural integrity, geotechnical analysis, roof age/warranty, mounting attachment options, and environmental factors.

Community Solar

In certain regions, we lease rooftops from real estate owners for the purpose of building community solar projects that provide a long-term economic benefit to the roof owner, and savings to residential and commercial subscribers within the community.

Energy Efficiency
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Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Radial Power also offers turnkey building integrated photovoltaic (“BIPV”) solutions which provide a new revenue stream to buildings while seamlessly integrating to architectural facades preserving aesthetics.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle (“EV”) charging solutions for Radial Powers’ customers extends beyond simply the provision of charging stations and is consistent with our approach in developing a program across a customer’s portfolio inclusive of deployment plan, business case, measurable and meaningful ESG and financial metrics, and detailed plan to effectively maintain and manage the assets.

Electric Vehicle Charging
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Battery Storage Solutions

As C&I assets are generally located in more densely populated areas of the country, each property may represent a strategically advantageous interconnection point when participating in utility-driven energy storage opportunities. Storage solutions may include behind-the-meter or front-of-the meter applications. Radial Power will look for opportunities to lower the demand charges paid by C&I asset owners and tenants with local utilities by lowering peak demand levels of the properties and sharing the savings with the customer.


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