We provide onsite energy solutions including solar, battery energy storage systems, and EV charging to large real estate portfolios

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Radial Power provides distributed energy and sustainability solutions to commercial and industrial real estate asset owners across their property portfolios, considering their diverse property types, locations and utility territories.

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Radial Power is solutions focused, assisting owners of large real estate portfolios in developing a strategy, business case, and deployment plan for distributed generation technologies that are accretive to their business and can be monitored, maintained, and measured such that they deliver their expected benefits. We support our customers to navigate the given the following trends to increase the value of their properties while executing a decarbonization plan:

  • RDistributed energy solutions are increasingly becoming cost competitive vs. utility alternatives
  • RStrong growth in EV demand that requires properties to deploy charging infrastructure
  • RPassage of the Inflation Reduction Act (“IRA”) and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (“IIJA”) provides meaningful federal incentives for the decarbonization of business operations
  • RIncreasing sustainability requirements from shareholders, stakeholders and regulators

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Will solar alone power my building if the grid is unavailable?
Not typically. Solar panels are integrated with the utility grid and will not typically operate if the grid is down. The reasons for this are both technical and regulatory.

From a technical perspective, as long as the sun is shining overhead, solar panels will produce electrical energy, up to the capacity of the installed system. In a grid-connected system, excess solar power not consumed on site is sent back into the grid for a credit, and any additional power you need beyond what your panels are producing is pulled from the grid. It’s a constant import/export. The objective of the installed system is to significantly reduce the amount of energy you need to purchase during the day, and in doing so, reduce operating expenses and increase profits.

Safety regulations are the second reason. During outages, repair crews could be jeopardized if there is a local power generator (like a solar array) leaking power back into the grid lines. For this reason, utility rules mandate that solar arrays must automatically shut down during outages.

Of course, we are willing to find solutions, including coupling solar with battery and other solutions to provide resiliency suited to your needs in the event of a grid outage.

Who will service my solar installation?

Radial Power operates a full Operations and Maintenance division that manages OEM hardware warranties per each manufacturer’s terms. Most panels are covered for 25 years, with inverter warranties typically covering 15+ years. In addition, Radial Power systems come with an installation workmanship warranty that includes roof penetrations, where applicable.

Should I wait to install solar? Hasn’t the price of systems gotten cheaper every year?

Solar prices have remained relatively stable in recent years. Solar panel performance is now so efficient and cost competitive, that future price improvements are likely to be less consequential than in the past. On the other hand, the cost of not doing anything will likely be significantly higher as almost every utility is filing for increasing their tariff rates. 

Additionally, there are meaningful federal solar incentives that will assist Radial Power in providing a turn key system that has measurable benefits to your business today.

How much will an energy system designed by Radial Power cost my company?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all energy solution for any customer. Every system is unique and needs to take into account the customer needs and operations, regional incentive programs, utility tariffs, and local code requirements. Arriving at a price begins with your objectives and incorporates key structure details such as roof space and any necessary infrastructure additions. Can your business add solar carports as part of your plan, or are you looking for a more basic rooftop array? Do you use more energy at night or during the day? Is grid resiliency important to your business? All of these factors and many more will dictate the energy system design. Radial Power owns and operates its commercial energy projects. We fully finance each project, so there is effectively no cost to you. You may receive revenue from a lease agreement that allows us to install and operate the system on your property, or you may enjoy energy delivered at a discount to the local utility tariff. Each solution is customizable to meet your goals.