Commercial Solar Energy Solutions & System Management

Why Make the Transition to Solar Energy

Why Make the Transition to Solar Energy

ITC for 30% of the cost of solar, storage, and transmission systems, along with introduction of PTC for solar and other incentives, and also additional support for EV charging. Solar is no longer the only solution. Properties’ energy costs can be optimized via the addition of batteries, participation in demand management programs, and load shifting.

End-to-End Commercial Solar Energy Management

Commercial Solar Energy System Installation & Maintenance

Rooftop solar solutions will be provided thru a 20 to 25-year Purchase Power Agreement at fixed price per kilowatt that is a discount to the customers current energy costs. Radial Power will have a number of regional and national Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (“EPC”) companies that support production simulation, site inspections, permitting, engineering and construction of the rooftop systems on fixed price turnkey basis, inclusive of workmanship warranties. The EPC’s will have the responsibility of executing numerous projects with an agreed safety program, QA/QC procedures, and reporting requirements

End to End Commercial Solar Energy Management
Commercial Solar Energy Savings

Commercial Solar Energy Savings

Financing Commercial Solar Energy Systems

Radial Power will offer financing solutions to clients in a number of formats. The bankable commercial agreements between Radial Power and clients will allow Radial Power to provide fully finance energy infrastructure producing electricity for the customer at rates below those which they would pay to their local utility. In cases where bankability is not possible, Radial Power will seek to offer other financing products such as C-PACE or other government supported financings or grants.

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